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For more deliciousness, try with a touch of honey or with apple juice:


Who said that there was no kefir for winter? The new Ginger Kefir is here to warm you up at the end of the day or give you a morning boost. A tonic and comforting kefir, subtly spicy, reminiscent of the famous ginger beer.


All ingredients are organic: Water, lemons, precious Kefir grains that do the fermentation, beet sugar (completely eaten by the ferments), figs and dates to nourish the drink and finally ginger which gives its unique and refined flavor.


Kefir food pairing: With sushi or Indian cuisine.


Re-fermented in the bottle + unfiltered and unpasteurized

Deposit bottle (0.10€ included in the purchase price. To return to one of our partners, see sales map)

Ginger & Turmeric

  • Energized water, lemon* (Spain), ginger* (Peru), Kefir grains* (Our culture), beet sugar* (Switzerland - totally transformed during fermentation), figs* (Spain), turmeric* (Peru) , dates*. * From Organic Farming (Tunisia), cinnamon* (Madagascar).

    *Allergens in bold.

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