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After spending 5 years in Bordeaux as winemakers, Adrien and Mary, a dynamic duo both in their personal lives and in the brewery, returned to their homeland, Belgium, to pursue what had been their secondary activity there: brewing!

In February 2019, all the brand-new brewing equipment was transferred to Belgium to quench the thirst of their fellow countrymen.

Time passed, and at the end of 2019, Mary woke up with a brilliant idea: "Why not launch the fruit kefir recipe we've been working on for 2 years for real? After all, we have all the equipment in the brewery."


This wonderful idea marked the beginning of the adventure in January 2020.



The moment had arrived to bring the idea to life! A kefir, yes, but which one? The concept of virtuous came naturally and what better way to symbolize the purity of our product than with the Chinese character for water and life, "shuǐ".


Our water kefir is made by fermenting small grains in water. The grains feed on the sugars in which they macerate, resulting in a slightly fizzy and tangy drink. The full transformation of the sugars makes our kefir ideal for diabetics, pregnant women, or anyone seeking a healthier alternative to wine, beer, or soda.


Our kefirs are made using revitalized water, a principle borrowed from biodynamics. While the fermentation process is relatively traditional, we've chosen to ferment our fruit kefir in stoneware jars. We also have fun experimenting with different flavor combinations. Each recipe has been crafted to provide a healthy alternative to wine, beer, or soda.


No detail is overlooked in our brewery located in Walloon Brabant. Every step, from peeling the lemons to selecting the colored caps that adorn our packaging, is done by hand.

Come visit us to learn more about our products.

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