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Fruit kefir is prepared using small grains, also called tibicos, fermenting in water. Comparable in their process to sourdough used in baking, fruit kefir grains feed on the sugars in which they macerate to create a light sparkle and subtle acidity. Renowned for its “probiotic” virtues, fruit kefir is in a way a “super-drink”. A good source of vitamins and probiotics, promoting intestinal well-being and strengthening the immune system, fruit kefir combines business with pleasure.

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À propos du cuir
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Eau Verteuse kefirs are prepared with revitalized water, a principle borrowed from biodynamics to bring it back to life. If the fermentation process remains almost classic, we have chosen to ferment our fruit kefir in stoneware vats. It remains to have fun with the different flavors and tastes of kefirs. Each recipe has been thought of as a perfect alternative to a glass of wine, beer or a soda.

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