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Organic Elderflower kefir:


Kefir Elderflower, the perfect alternative to a glass of white wine or sparkling wine:

For this Virtuous Water Kefir, we wanted to replicate the sensation of a glass of bubbles or white wine by focusing on a sharp and refreshing acidity with floral and citrus notes, similar to what one might find in Entre-Deux-Mers or Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect for a refreshing and healthy moment, you can drink it without moderation!

All ingredients are organic: Water, lemons, precious Kefir grains that perform fermentation, unrefined beet sugar (completely consumed by the fermentations), figs, and dates to nourish the beverage, and finally elderflower that imparts its unique and refined flavor.

Kefir Food Pairings: With oysters and shellfish, as an aperitif. Where you would drink white or bubbles, kefir elderflower will be the perfect alternative.

Refered in bottle + unfiltered and unpasteurized Returnable bottle (0.10€ included in the purchase price. Return to one of our partners, see sales map)


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