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With your dish, a Pinot Noir? No thank you, a glass of Rose Kefir please!

It's an aromatic and full-bodied kefir that expresses itself with red fruit aromas such as blackcurrant, strawberry or redcurrant. The effervescence is lively and tonic. A great kefir for brunch, for aperitif or just to refresh yourself.

All the ingredients are organic: Water, lemons, precious Kefir grains, beet sugar (totally eaten by the ferments), figs and dates to feed the drink and finally blackcurrant and hibiscus leaves that give it its fruity aromas.

Kefir food pairings: With grilled fish or as an aperitif. It is the perfect alternative to Pinot Noir, rosé, bubbles or a Kriek lambic.


Re-fermented in bottle + unfiltered and unpasteurized

Deposit bottle (0.10€ included in the purchase price. Return it to one of our partners, see sales map)

Hibiscus & Blackcurrant leaf

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